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Vibroplate w/Wheel Kit & Water Tank

Vibroplate w/Wheel Kit & Water Tank


Designed for the compaction of asphalt as well as granular and mixed materials with some cohesive content in confined areas such as parking lots, highway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs and abutments. Large capacity polyethylene water tank located within the front lift cage for protection and is semi-transparent for easy check of the water level. Large in-tank water filter.

• Operating weight 203 lbs.
• Plate width 19.5"
• 5.5 HP
• Centrifugal force 3375 lbs.
• Frequency 6000 VPM
• Speed 100 ft/min
• Ft²/h 9750


  • 4 Hour
    $65.00 minimum
  • 24 Hour
  • Week
  • 4 Week